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Here’s how to take orgasmic Snapchat nudes (9 steps)

Sexting is everyone’s favorite filthy pastime. If you deny this, you’re probably lying. It’s easy to do it all the time: you can send sexy texts from your office, from class, from public transit, from literally anywhere. But what isn’t so easy, is doing it well.
Just like physical sex there is something to be learned about taking and sending good nudes. You don’t want to be a half-assed lay, so you don’t want to be a half-assed sexter either – especially if you’re long distance or so busy that this is often the only action you can rely on getting on a regular basis.  And especially if you’re looking to go pro on a nude snap site such as
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Here are 9 fool-proof steps to taking orgasmic Snapchat nudes!
1. Practice makes perfect
When you first tried a complicated Kama Sutra move you didn’t execute it perfectly, right? Well, when you had sex for the first time, I can be pretty certain that you didn’t quite do it right. So the more you take pictures and the more you send sexts, the better you’ll get! Plus you’ll figure out what your partner is into!
2. Find your angles
When you’re modeling for your nudes, make sure that you’re taking pictures from the most flattering angle. Skip the photoshop – that takes too long – and just find the angles that work best for you!
Try not to go full on emo Myspace angle though!
3. Lighting is everything
If angles are important, good lighting is vital to taking a good photo. Sometimes the shitty 60-watt lightbulb in the boob-shaped ceiling light in the middle of your bedroom isn’t going to be enough.
Natural light is probably going to be your best friend in these situations but we both know that the majority of your sexting is probably taking place at night.
In that case, don’t be afraid from flash and the filters you can slide over your photo in the Snapchat app!
4. Accentuate your best assets
Are your boobs your favorite part of your body? Your ass? Your thighs? I can guarantee that your partner probably likes these parts of your body just as much – if not more – than you do! So, if you know your man is an assman and loves ass pics send them over! If you know your girl is obsessed with your shoulders – while it might not seem like the sexiest place to you – you should definitely be sending her some shirtless collar bone pics.
5. Take videos
Why limit yourself to just photos!? Videos are much sexier than photos, and they’re easy to take on the Snapchat app! Channel your inner porn star and smile for the camera. Pretend like you’re on casting couch!

7. Practice your erotic writing
If you’re sending Snapchat nudes without text, then you’re doing something fundamentally wrong. Words are sexy!
8. Get creative with emoji
Bring out your cheeky side by censoring your images with emoji stickers! See what your partner is willing to do for you to erase them.
9. Leave your face out…
This tip is strictly for your own safety! No matter how much you trust your partner or how illegal it is to post nudes on the internet without your consent, you should definitely lead your face out of photos. This will keep you safe in the even of a messy falling out!